Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Giant on the bicycle

Well I should call him hulk on the bicycle, look at my son the bicycle given by his uncle so small for him! We have got the same for him but problem is the small wheels at the side of bicycle go sideway because of his weight! Bear in my mind that my son weights around 40kg now.

The small bicycle cannot fit him to use anymore, we need keep it for his bro to use. We are looking for new bicycle for him, we went to check the price the bicycle is so expensive! Looks like we need go to bicycle shop to check again, can you believe that a bicycle can cost RM300 more or less.

There is one uncle cycling at the playground and his bicycle cost over RM1000 because his bicycle can also use motor if he don't feel like cycling it. Being stay at home, I don't have income to purchase bicycle for him. Looks like we need to save money for my son.

I am glad to see my son wears sport shoes and socks to playground, I have seen broken glass at the playground if you are not careful you will step on it and injure your feet.

I have seen a boy carrying small knife in playground, he tried to fight another boy that fight with him another day. It is due to misunderstanding but the boy decided to carry knife to teach another boy a lesson! Scary what's the world are we living now?

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