Thursday, March 27, 2008

Dating outside my gate!

Well, just want to share with you that I am shocked to see a couple dating outside my gate. They are next door neighbour. The lady and the guy just had the bike stopped right infront of my gate and they just hang out there and chit chat.

Hmm... this is not the right way to treat your neighbour! I should have ask them to pay for parking and hanging out at outside my gate. lol

There's so many place they can go but they choose the spot which my gate to hang out. They can just go over the garden or shopping mall to hang out. Tell me how people choose dating spot? They just hang out any where they like?

Some couple would just chat outside their home till middle of the night.


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  3. lol XD

    You should have given them a parking ticket ^__^

    Thanks for visiting my blog Sherry.


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