Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Movie Review; The Wolverine 2013

An hour ago I just back from GSC One Utama, best night ever to watch my favourite and my boys favourite movie which is The Wolverine! You can never get enough of it. So many ninjas in the movie!

The movie is exciting from the start to the end of it, no kidding you got to sit back and watch it with your loved one. Yeah after the movie end, don't leave the cinema hall yet because there's more behind scene. You need to watch it to know what's coming up next for Wolverine's next movie with the X-MEN???

I couldn't believe it but the man that Wolverine save many years back is back to haunt him. Oh well, he's old and dying but he doesn't want to die yet. So he wants trade himself with Wolverine. Yeah I thought too that he's just going to Japan a day to say goodbye to the old man. Find out in this movie how the old man live life longer?!

He has all his will given to his grand daughter and not his son. Why?

Oh there's a doctor in the movie, she's a viper (snake woman) creepy to see she's sheding. Yeah removing her skin and her hair!

Say do you have problem with my blog? I am seeing it direct to another page/blog, I don't know what's wrong.


  1. wow so fast,..I'm going to eatch it tmrw....

  2. wow so fast....I'm going to watch it tmrw....

  3. hi Yvonne Tan, sorry for late reply comment. yes I won from MIX FM so get to see earlier. :D

    Did you enjoy the movie?


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