Monday, June 24, 2013

I can sew? Red Cape

I love sewing and sad to say my sewing machine not using for many years I think it got rusty. Anyway last week I took time off to hand sew the red cape of Superman. I don't have to sew for son since his Superman shirt has got the red cape. Well a second there I thought we lost his red cape, but we didn't it was in the playpen.

It was not difficult to sew, you just need to becareful holding the needle. I sewed the Ocean theme costumes for my boys, I get many pokes by needle and bleed. I am careful this time and I am happy of the result. It took so long for me to figure out how to put on the red cape!
 You can click on the picture above to know more about the Saturday fun party of Plusizekitten, I attended with son in Beanieplex at TGV 1 Utama.

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