Friday, June 7, 2013

Sort throat hurts

I am not feeling well it feels like I am one that falling sick after my toddler, oh well my dear also not well. He's having fever since yesterday, I guess he didn't sleep well since Friday night. Friday night overnight in living room and he didn't sleep much on lazy chair. The single mattress he's given to son to sleep while baby sleeping on sofa bed.

As for me I sleep on the floor with two slim mattress under me. Yeah they are slim mattress because once your body on the floor you can feel it.

We will be in Paradigm Mall today, this morning schedule has been cancel because I still need to watch my son while dear resting. Sons are playing at the moment, I am not sure if baby willing to wear his costume later.

 Check out sea dragon costume I made for son, there are two giveaways on blog. Have a look at and


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