Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hear me make crazy sound on MIX FM?

Yesterday afternoon I took part in a fun radion contest, I listen to MIX FM in the car. It was almost 5pm and I manage to be the first caller through. The DJ asked me to make sound of crazy laugh, something like that. I try my best and keeps going with hee...he..hee... heee.. sound none stop.

This is all I need to do and I given her my detail and she says will call me again to inform of the four passes I won for movie OZ The Great and Powerful.

This is exciting week for me, I won one pass to see Jack The Giant Slayer but didn't make it as last minute only they told me I have two passes instead of one. Imagine I need to drive from SJ to MIDVALLEY during the time of everyone off their work!

In need Friday, time for everyone to relax now. How's your week?

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