Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hotel Deluxe *comedy CNY movie*

Tonight is a moment for my dear and I, I received the movie passes yesterday and I checked that I need to use it before the movie removed from cinema. No kidding the movie Hotel Deluxe will not be available by Thursday for most cinemas near my place. I saw the timing of the movie for GSC cinema but movie in the night 10pm which is too late for us to go.

I choose to go Hall 2 at MBO Cinema in Subang Parade, the Hall 1 & 2 are near the staircase. Hotel Deluxe indeed a comedy movie which we enjoy watching. I think my son will not understand this movie as he's poor in Chinese language too.

It is an interesting movie to watch, alot of laughter in them. I love the views of the Hotel, it is Hundres Stars Hotel which is located in Qiandao Lake, Hangzhou. If you like to see the view from the rooms especially VIP room, you can check out this movie.

The funny part of the movie which I never forget would be the housekeeper give her Boss a cream to use. She told her that the cream can also enlarge breasts and she tried it on spot! Then she told her to stop as she's going wrong way rubbing will make the breasts smaller!!

Anyway it is just a cream for bruise not for enlarging breasts.

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