Saturday, February 23, 2013

Evening night out with Son@CNY open house last night

It is quite last minute that I get to know of this event to attend. I am invited as media blogger to attend this Chinese New Year Open House at Mydin Mall USJ, Subang Jaya. I am happy to see many people coming this CNY open house, it is open to public and they have lucky draw. I didn't win any lucky draw neither my son. But we have fun, it is an beautiful evening night out with him on Friday night.

He likes the ice cream at the open house, yes they have free ice cream, cendol, char kuey tiao, can drinks, ice lemon tea, etc. I met my dad's friend in the night, he came along with his daughter. The clowns are in town, they are tall I mean very tall! My son has got two swords in hand, one is green which burst earlier then second was a pink sword. :D

The event ends in middle of night, I didn't stay long to watch. My son is tired, we head home around 10.14pm and stucked in the jam for a while. I will upload the pictures soon, give me some time. I haven't transfer the file of photos yet.


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