Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Movie Review:Flight *18 and above*

This evening my dear and I head to 1 Utama for premier screening of Flight. This movie is suitable for 18 year old and above only. There are scenes which is not suitable for below 18 year old to watch because of porn, alcohol and drugs involved. The movie of the flight number 227, an airline pilot starring Denzel Washington as Whip Whitaker. He saves many souls on the plane but six dead (two of them are flight attendants).

This movie is about how Captain Whip fly the flight number 227 upside down and mange to save many lifes. He's an alcholic, he drank so much and he has intention to lie about it when comes to court. He almost get away with his lies if he just go through it but in his heart he just couldn't when he saw the face of the dead flight attendant when Ms. Block questioned him. They found two bottle of vodka opened, the blood test result positive of alcohol contained.

Whip met Nicole in the staircase of hospital where they are smoking, they came a bald man who has cancer. Cancer didn't stop the bald man for smoking, in the end he even asked if Nicole can offer him another cigarrette but Whip offer him a pack instead. He says he's going to share it with the cancer ward patients. Nicole is addicted to drug, she tried to suicide but failed. She wants to change her life, she does not want to be an addict anymore. She even suggest to Whip that he needs help because he's heavy drinker.

This movie is two and half hours show, it is nice to watch if you like to know how Whip speaks the truth about his alcholic. 

Another actor which I have not seen for a long time is Bruce Geenwood, he's actor in Jurassic Park! He's starring as Charlie in this Flight movie.

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