Friday, March 11, 2016

Challenge weeks for son in his lifestyle

Though my son may look big size but he's soft on the inside out. He got bullied by classmate, and also another is school mate in tuition center.

Education is important but nobody likes to be bully and get pressure at the same time. Yesterday son told me that I need to see the tuition teacher I was on the way to go fetch him. Apparently son showed me his left hand that there is hole there, a boy same school as him named Brian has poke him until blood out with a blue pen. The boy told the tuition teacher that the pen flew to his hand that's why blood out. Well, son was in pain but he didn't tell teacher immediately until a gal saw and informed the teacher. Tuition teacher had told the boy's mother about this.

Today he told me that a classmate seated next to him, is a girl have used her elbow to make his shoulder bruised. The girl also go same tuition center as him, for the science tuition. The mom knows about this matter as I told her in whatapp about son's situation. Not about to blame anyone but is better the mom to know what her daughter have done to my son.

Well, son feel more relax as both of them no longer disturb him in class.

Next week will be a busy week for me as I am driver to him, he has to go for Johan Public Speaking at TTDI for four days. It's like intensive class for him, well he has interest to know of public speaking is good that he go ahead to learn. Last night he told me that tuition center bc has informed that next Monday has got tuition instead of tomorrow because they change the time table for school holiday.

Not just that for Wednesday also instead of 4.3pm changed to 3.3pm for BM.
Then Friday is Science instead of 4.3pm changed to 9am to 10.30am.

So there goes my plan with him, so if there's any event clashes time. I won't be able to attend them unless it's nearby. 

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