Thursday, July 28, 2016

Ghostbusters, who you gonna call?

Its Thursday and is son busy day, on Monday I bring him for a movie. He likes to watch Ghostbusters 2016, but for me I prefer the old version of it. Maybe lot people like to watch this because there's Thor in the movie. Chris Hemsoworth, some how this movie just bored me. I have many times of yawning watching the movie. There's a lot of talking in the movie.

You can see two characters of Ghostbusters old version in this movie. How about you? Have you watched this movie?

I thought this movie going to entertained me but it didn't but at least my son enjoys it from the start to the end of the movie.

I like this movie as there's actress that I like, she is Melissa McCarthy, I like her previous movie the Heat.

Busy day for son as he got tuition and next week Tuesday too extra class for tuition as need to attend the Math assessment test. He sure needs a break, so movie break is good for him. Look he is so happy having popcorn and drink in hands. We have got plan this Saturday, hoping nothing ruins it.

I used the voucher that I won from the contest to watch this movie.

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