Sunday, July 17, 2016

One subject RM150 to tuition, two subjects RM250

A parents was discussing in the class group chat about getting tuition for her child. She wanted more parents to send their child together as need at least 3 to get start. I was told the price of RM150 for a subject, RM250 for the two subjects. The offer subjects to teach are BC and Math.

Though I think of sending son to go, but he is already having tuition of Math and BC. Both are once a week that he's attending at tuition center.

I am not sure of how is his result for this June exam as he says teacher not yet inform but have told that 4 persons passed the BC exam. For his computer test he gets 79 marks and he's very happy about it.

It's also related to money as more tuition will cost more money and also time. He says it's enough of tuition he's having as he also have homework to handle. It's important that kids get balance of life, not just focus on their education.Nobody says it is going to be easy in learning in primary school, further more we are Chinese it is better that he's able to learn Chinese before he goes to Secondary school. We also enrolled his little brother to his school for year 2018, hopefully he gets a place in the school, there will be exam for his little brother next year in June.

It started last year that children 6 yrs old need to attend for exam before get a place in the school.

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