Sunday, July 10, 2016

Ghostbusters Slime Run @Sunway

I totally forgot about the Ghostbusters Slime Run which happened on last Saturday. Last Saturday busy day for us as my dear no work and my son has no tuition on the day. In the afternoon, bro in law family from PD comes and we go shopping in Subang Parade. I manage to shop plus size men clothing for my dear. Then dinner we go to Mahkota Cheras as my dad invited us over for dinner, bro in law family comes along as they never been there. Its been so long since they last met each other. It's our first time to dine in Legend Seafood restaurant at Mahkota Cheras.

Bro in law family also head to Empire Mall nearby to shop in Uniqlo. They bought a luggage for nephew as he's going to China soon.

Indeed a happy week for my kids as they at home playing the kinect and xBox. I like the dancing challenge in xBox, it's fun and sweat alot.

I have been wearing the mifit band for more than a week now. I change the band color to black as orange I used earlier. This week will need to pay son's tuition fee RM480 and just pay for son's kindergarten fee RM430. Yeah this July is all about money money... as usual we cannot escape the fee of education for kids.

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