Friday, July 22, 2016

Saturday, kids event for my son

Tomorrow is indeed a busy day for me as my son has been selected to attend the workshop. Its only open to kids age 6yrs old to 12 yrs old. It is exciting as it's gonna be fun for him but not me. His workshop with other 9 children will be in Team 2. There is another team that also has 10 children.

Anyway the time is 9am to 12.3pm tomorrow. Looks like I need to wait him, hang out at the area for few hours. Parent not allow in the workshop, there's no waiting area too.

Not sure what I will do tomorrow as I count on the waze to get there. Talking of waze nephew asked me how to go Pavillion, the mall in KL that I seldom go. He never try waze so no idea how to get there, he told me his lecturer ask him and others to go there for Japanese desserts.

There is a single trip to tourism JB next weekend but I need to let go for that as plan to have family time in the weekend. 

11pm now and nephew not yet come home.

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