Sunday, August 14, 2016

Vertical Hotel: Female Body Workshop

Yesterday morning I attended the Female magazine workshop as in June has payment for the workshop. RM30 for two pax, if just one pax to pay will cost more. The parking at the Vertical Hotel is RM2. If you go verified the parking ticket you will need to pay RM5. That's what happened to one of my friend's friend.

I asked the staff at the hotel and he says no need to verify just go pay at the B1 parking machine RM2 for Saturday. I thought the parking would cost more, and yeah we need to be in and out of the lift few times as I mistakenly think I parked in B2. Lucky I have snap a photo of the parking else I would be looking for my car in basement.

At the same day my son has got school field trip to Melaka, is such a busy morning as I woke up at 5.44am then ask him to wake up as he needs to shower before go to school. 7am the bus will leave and bus left at 7.10am. An ex-classmate of son didn't make it as he overslept. He woke up and bus has leave, the teacher also called her. Other than that, she also has called me to inform his class teacher that her son not able to make it.

So there's school field trip for him, as for me is the workshop from 10am to 3pm! There were 12 lucky draws in 4 sessions and I didn't have luck to win any prizes.

Well is a long day as I reached home about 4.30pm due to the bad at federal highway. Before that after workshop send two friends to nearby LRT station.

How about you? How do you spend your Saturday?

This morning also another busy day for me thanks to my dear for send me to venue of event. It's Naruko and get to see Niu Er guru for the first time, he's from Taiwan. He's 49 years old! What's his beauty secrets? Have you tried the Naruko skin care products?

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