Monday, August 29, 2016

Lorem Ipsum Art Jam

Last week I went for an event at Lorem Ipsum Art Jam, it is located at shop lot. Just one roll of shop lot there, so you cannot miss it and there do not have signboard of the shop name. It is above the dentist, nearby the shoplot has a bakery shop. Nothing much there, very boring area. Unless you wanna have a drink and dine there, why not go hang out there. I like the art, so many to see there.

Imagine I was there at 4.30pm and event only starts 6pm but then delay to start. It's so boring no place to hangout there, so remember if you going there for event don't go so early but unless you are driving there so you need to be early to find parking spot. 

Most people park at roadside not sure if will get summon tickets or not. 

By the way haze is back so take care and drink more water. Bring mask to use if you can, I have itchy skin and eyes too due to haze.

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