Monday, August 22, 2016

Are you makeup artist?

It's Monday and have a fun event to go in the afternoon. I was lost and went to another condo which at the other side of the Empire Shopping Gallery. Glad that I am not alone that is late to the event as the cars need to queue at the guard house to get in. We have allocated parking to park and cannot simply park the cars. B3 103 was my parking lot, next to Lee Yann blogger.

One of the guest at the event saw me and asked if I am makeup artist, I say I am not but in fact she is makeup artist. :D

Yeah it make up my day as someone really like my makeup. Actually I have overdo my eyeliner and need time to draw the same for my left eyelid. It smudge too and I have to quickly fix the makeup on my eyes with eyeshadows. Glad that it's a good day for everyone, how about you?

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