Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Notice from primary school standard 4

Yeah my son has got a notice from primary school. Standard 1 to 5 from 1 Sep to 8 Sep is days where children can study at home. As 9 Sep is where school open, then 10 Sep to 18 Sep is the school holiday.

School sports day is on 23 Oct and 24 October school is closed for a day.

Other than that, his brother kindergarten concert is on 5 November Saturday at Shah Alam. It's different venue this time the concert held which we never go before.

School is giving award to students that are
  1. Anugerah Mata Pelajaran Terbaik
  2. Anugerah Kemajuan mengikut Mata Pelajaran
  3. Anugerah Kemajuan Individu
  4. Anugerah Murid Tekun

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