Tuesday, December 27, 2016

RM370 for dental treatment

Today is the day where I brought my children for dental checkup and also for myself. Me and Sean has got our teeth clean, however I was told that Sean needs to have braces maybe at aged of 13 yrs old or 14 yrs old. Because his teeth is not in good arrangement and all has turned permanent teeth, I will need to find Orthontist for him for braces and also to find out which teeth is suitable for extract.

Niece has got for braces and her cost was RM4k, I was told by time Sean go for braces it could be RM6k or RM7k. It's time to get start saving for him now, we never know what's the exact price. Yeah the cost of living in Selangor/Kuala Lumpur is way much more than other states, don't you agree? Not yet add on the fees of tuition for children.

Sean's little bro has got 2 teeth upper gums filling, each RM60. Total cost for dental treatment for 3 of us RM370. This happened at USJ Taipan, was lucky today I managed to find a parking spot. While we saw another car which not in the parking spot, outside the yellow line got clamped.

My bottom two big teeth, deep inside if there is pain I was told that I need to back to see her and get both teeth removed. One of it is wisdom teeth.


  1. Hello, may I know where did your niece got her braces done :D? I'm desperately looking for braces at that price range now. Thanks in advance !

  2. Hi, its in Port Dickson, was told is not RM4k but maybe RM6k or 8k.


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