Thursday, December 15, 2016

Night before fly off to Langkawi

Exciting in few hours time I will be going to Langkawi, haven't been there over 15 years. I went there last with my parents while it was dad's company's trip. Hoping to visit the crocodile adventureland in Langkawi.

I had bad sleep yesterday due to over eat, after dinner, my dear brought me to purchase McD home to eat. Yeah ate too much last night that I couldn't sleep well and it's horrible because I feel uncomfortable all night long. Not just that awake by 5am because there's electrical trip and it only came back after an hour.

My dear not happy that we need to go 4D/3N, well if he has the problem should let me know earlier then I wouldn't ask him to go with him. Last night he was asking me when back again, as just a couple trip for two of us. I am a woman that easily heart broken by his words.

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