Thursday, November 10, 2016

Program on the Concert Day

Last Saturday, we attended my son's concert day. Well it has limited seating as it no held in school's hall but in a shoplot.

Here's a throwback of the program:
  1. Negaraku
  2. Opening speech by Mrs Wendy Yong, but it was first by her daughter Jun Yong. 
  3. Convocation ceremony & prize presentaton
  4. Welcome speech - Louise Lim - Zehra Aliya - Bridgette Wong
  5. Magical World of Music - K2
  6. English Story Telling - Dax Chee
  7. A Thousand Years - K2 Superstar
  8. Coral Speech - K2 Superstar
  9. Shake shake Maracas and Bells - K1 Sushine
  10. Zumba - Sunshine
  11. K2 Superstar
  12. Choir - K2 Superstar, Catch A Falling Star
  13. Grand Choir 
It's kind of small concert compared to last year. Many parents hope that they will held the concert at bigger place like previous year.

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