Saturday, May 14, 2016

It's a long Saturday after all

Today is a long day, thanks to my dear for willing to drive me go to two events today. One in the morning in Paradigm mall where I am one of the lucky winner s of Pensonic Facebook contest. Pensonic dumpling making session with TVB artists, yeah 5 winners only but it is not stated that there's a competition among the 5 winners that only 1 winner will be on stage to be so closed up with winners. Each winner can bring a plus one to the event.

It was a good day to see the TVB artists, they have bodyguards on the event. Chuiling is also there as she is the emcee of the day. Fans of the TVB artists also on the spot.

This afternoon is good as I can meet up with old friends, been over  a year no meet up since last event we seen each other.

Event over at 1pm and my other event is on 2pm. Suppose today I have need to go Midvalley for the 3pm to 4pm of Neutrogena workshop, I was one of the 20 selected participants. Sad to say I cannot make it as I fear of terrible jam there, as knowing there is baby fair this weekend I bet the jam is horrible or even finding parking. I have experienced before so I don't think I want to risk it. Then a friend message me saying that her friend that I don't know is who has an intention to take my spot at the workshop. Sadly to say that the organizer has mention no replacement is allowed.

So many events happening in one day. How do you spend this Saturday?

I would say my day is Satuday day out with my family, as my dear take care of sons while I was away for 2 hours. Morning session my son was with me as he is my partner for the Pensonic that I won. It's great bonding moment for us as he helped me to prepare too. 

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