Thursday, June 12, 2008

Love can be anything

Talking about love how much do you know about? I think love can be anything and I found an interesting site about It Might Be Love . I don't think anyone would be believe me is that I did wrote poem before. It was more than 10 years back. What kind of poem I wrote? I prefer not to say.

Just reading abouw how to write a love poem , if you love to write poem you would be interested to know about these.

This month is Father's Day I am sure you have got a lot to tell him. If you don't know how to express your love, you could write them down. Don't know how to write? Don't worry, check on the website and you'll learn a lot from there.

Love can also be related to relationship among friends and family even loved one. What you don't know is that love can be a contest too.


  1. Thanks for entering Sherry :) I was away on vacation but am back now :) You are right, love can be anything!

    If you'd like to get the subscription entry also, here is that link:

  2. hi Chelle, thanks for let me know.


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