Friday, June 27, 2008

Gathering bills

Well, I love shopping but I hate spending. I am just gathering the bill as so far they are two bill that came. The cable TV $110, internet cum telephone bill $120. That's for next month payment. I am not going to pay any this month as I have paid earlier. Even if I pay now, there's nothing like fast payment so giving you discount. There's nothing like that.

So best thing to do is just leave it first and make payment next month in July.

I am still waiting for electricity bil and water bil. There are not going to cheap as I see the news they are saying going to rise the payment. Hmm... rise on everything but what we are getting still the same. No improvement at all.

Do you think if there's rise on everything which is necessary things that we need to use and eat. So will they be a rise in crime too?

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