Monday, July 28, 2008

My toilet's lights out

My toilet's light bulb has burn out and I still buy the replacement. I did went shopping but I forgot to find the light bulb. It's sometimes not convenient to shop as they put the bulb at different places and you need to go another department to find them.

Even the printer cartridge its not located at the same store. It's so not convenient at the shopping area at all, that's why I have to walk more and go here and there to look for them.

So what I do at night to brush my teeth? I put a huge torch light in the toilet. So every time I use it I have to turn it on. That's easy as it's huge and looking like a spot light. Talking about that I don't have one outside my home.

My friends told me about those spot light where someone or something walk pass the area. The lights will turn on!

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