Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Sherry is one of the lucky feed subscriber

Hooray, I am so happy to share with you that I have won an ad space on 125x125 at Greatest Reviews.

This is not about luck but putting effort in taking part in the contest. How much time do you need to take part in the contest? I don't think it will take you half an hour.

Don't worry I am not winning all the contest that I taken part. If yes, I am sure everyone will be mad at me. LOL

The best way to join the contest is spot the contest then you either bookmark the site OR take part in the contest right away. Be sure to read every rules and regulation they have on taking part in the contest. You didn't want to lose out some points and entries.


  1. Well, you're on a roll Sherry because you've also won my Entrecard contest!

    I've sent over 1,000 credits to your account just now. Congratulations!

    You're right that it's not about luck either, as you had 11 chances compared to everyone else's 1 chance for blogging about the contest. Congratulations again, you've earned it!

  2. Hi Shimumsy, thank you.

    Hi, Adam. Hooray I won.

  3. Hello Sherry
    Thanks for giving a link back to my Blog 'Greatest Reviews'. I have put your ads in the sidebar. I tweaked your banner a little to look good. I have added a border to it. Just have a look at it.


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