Thursday, July 24, 2008

Crunch Now has been deleted by Entrecard?

I was just checking on the Promotions and Events in Entrecard Forums. I don't really know what happen but I can see that Crunch Now blog is not longer available in Entrecard. He wrote about this and that's the last I seen from his post in Promotions and Events in Entrecard Forums.

When I click on his widget in Entrecard, it shows as below:

Blog deleted

The blog with this Entrecard has been deleted.

At Crunch Now blog I am reading about his post which is Entrecard Can and Will Steal Credits From You .

Anyone can tell me what's going on? What went wrong?


  1. Crunch is a spammer. He spammed and entrecard deleted him. I don't blame them. He could have gotten entrecard in trouble. He should consider himself lucky that iCann didn't take his domain.

  2. all sounds rather interesting. i read the forum link and his blog post you said. never heard of someone being banned from ec b4 so it must have been serious!

  3. I didn't know that it can be this serious.

  4. Hi-

    This is Mary from Adventures in Mommyland. My giveaways are open to people outside the US also. So be sure to stop by sometime today, I'll have the giveaway up and running soon.

    Thanks, Mary

  5. hmm...
    I read the posts Sherry..
    interesting...but confusing..
    I see he still has his EC widget on his blog...


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