Sunday, July 20, 2008

Winner of Suspects and Clues by Spinapse!

I can't believe my eyes and I can't tell you how happy I am. There are 223 that take part in the giveaways in Dr. Moz giveaways. Sherry that's me is the Winner of Suspects and Clues by Spinapse . I am the lucky no. 141 that taken part in the contest.

This is an international contest so I am so thrilled that I have won and I have started playing it. I just love Photo Hunt and this is a game for me to kept me going.

You can check out Spinapse the games for your brain!

Oh if you wonder how I won this game, its so easy I tell you. I just put the link of Dr. Moz in my shopping blog . That's all, so you see if not hard to win at all just have to put your effort in.

Forgive me if I am lack of dropping cards. I am having shoulder pain.

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  1. Oh so that was you but wasn't sure!! Saw your name in the newsletter from Dr.Moz! Congratulations girl!!


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