Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mulder and Scully

Don't tell me you don't recognized the names. Well, I have very fresh memory of them. They are part of the X-Files. Hey who do not like to watch these series? Well, I love it so much that I watching it always. Until, they started to change one of them in the series. Slowly I just lost my interest to watch.

Now with The X-Files : I want to Believe (2008) I am so looking forward to watch this movie.

Alright tell me did you watch them all?


  1. I used to love the X-Files when I was in high school. My psych teacher was a super fan and we'd have X-File parties all the time in class. I have to admit, I'm quite excited about the new movie!

  2. hi Ashley, I was a Super Fan but not any more when they change character.


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