Sunday, July 20, 2008

Topup $100

This evening my dad called me saying that my sister is on the way back. She used the internet a lot so dad's worry she has spend of the usage. At night I have top up dad's internet account $100. So his balance is $168 now.

He's used of using the Firefox but the only problem is he don't know how to go to the website from the email. Like you have send him a link to check out but he don't know how to click on it at all. So I need to teach him how to do it.

My sister has been complaining that her car somebody else is using. There's cut on her steering wheel. She should have report it to the police but she didn't. But I think she did it before when her home was break in.

She claimed that her car's spare keys are missing.

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  1. thanks for dropping by... I dropped you at EC


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