Thursday, July 3, 2008

Grand Prize Winner

I am so happy to receive email from Adam Pieniazek. Yeah I am Grand Prize Winner of 1,000EC. Looks like Adam is not going to use Entrecard any more. Good luck to him. It was suppose to be 900EC but Adam has updated the grand prize officially to 1,000EC .
Adam comment on my previous post and he also agree with me that it's not just about luck. I have 11 chances compared to everyone else's 1 chance for blogging the contest.
If you are taking part in any contest, didn't win this time. Don't give up just try again.


  1. You are one lucky girl.. what's your secret.. Anyway, here's the answer to your question regarding Social Spark:

    Before you can grab an Opportunity, you must be able to CLAIM and VERIFY your Blog. Simply do this by getting the code that the SocialSpark provide.

    Click your name on the Upper-Right of the page.
    Click 1 blog.
    Then, a small square on a new page will then tell your blogs status. If you see ALL green CHECKS, then you are ready to take Opportunities. If one is red, Click GET CODE just below that label. Follow instructions on how to put the code in your blog.

    Then SocialSpark will then check whether ITK is installed successfully. If so, you can see that your blog snapshot is it's profile will then be labeles as VERIFIED. BY then you can start getting opportunities.

    And so, in getting one, be Sure that the Opp (opportunity) is open and whether if you qualify to get. Beside the Opp title, you can see color codes. If the QUAL has green color beside, opp is open else it's closed. And if you a GREEN color beside, QUAL, it means you qualify to get that opp.

    Now, please be guided that not all the time there is "TAKE THIS OPPORTUNITY" on the opp you are qualified to get. On the same location, "UPPER RIGHT of the page", you can see "WAIT FOR SLOT" if all slots are already taken. Then wait for the CONFIRMATION from Costumer Love that you successfully reserved that Opp. This may take many days or weeks or you might not get it at all depending on the advertisers on how long he would make that opp open for bloggers.

    Just ask again if you are still confused. Hope this helps.

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  2. aeirin, thanks to you I know why I am stucked. LOL its not verify.


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