Monday, July 21, 2008

Have you been to Port Dickson?

I remembered my dad bring all of us to the beach when I was very young. He did hurt himself back then as there were broken glasses at the beach. My dad still can remembered the incident and still can tell his story.

Lost in Port Dickson
is the article I am reading about. I think if you are having a tourism spot, its important to have the tourism information and facilities available for the tourist.

I am sure they can make the place beautiful for local and overseas tourist. Just give them time I am sure they can do it.


  1. I've been there a couple of times.. It is good place, but I prefer Teluk Batik and Pangkor than PD..


  2. hi Reenashwina, it has been a long time I havent go to Pangkor. Oh yeah Teluk Batik haven't go before. Where is that?


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