Saturday, May 13, 2017

The struggle is real for primary school

Well I am sure there's struggle in real life, here's struggle in primary school as today brought my eldest to school with hub. 1st to drive my car there then I follow his car back as I know sure few hundreds kids turn up for registration/exam at school. Field trip school also today for my Standard 5 son, so early morning 5.45am to wake up and ask him to wake up too. By 6.30am need to be in school as say 7am the bus will leave.

Total 4 buses, somehow the buses not parking front of gate school. Last year I find it's more organize as the buses have standby parking at the side of school's gate. This year son came back 6.30pm he had good fun at Seremban. He bought Seremban siew bao 3 and ate it himself.

I come back to school by niece car with hub and youngest son in car. Total 360 children registered and 12 classes to go , a class has 30 students. Yeah I am so struggling on whether he can pass the exam or not. Well, I am more nervous than him. Just relax and let him try his best and he did! He told me there's 6 pages of it and did only 5 pages because last page no time to finish and teacher has ask to return papers.

10am suppose to start exam but only 10am they are going to classes! So imagine the time they use to go 2nd floor classes. So 11am they come down and parents turn to queue up at the hall, so the children need to go back the classes they have queue earlier in hall to find parents. My son is 5A, if you have follow my instagram @sherrygo you would see my update on today. :D

Total just 10 classes in the school for Standard One, I hope son can goes same school as his eldest brother. I was told by friend that her daughter is same school but because her son's exam did not well like only 30 marks, he being send to another school. She needs to appeal few times to get same school as her daughter and she did. Glad the brother same school as his sister now.

That's not all, next year will have tuition start for my son, he's poor in Chinese language. Need to learn from young for basics, 6 years old has started giving tuition but I didn't send because it's expensive. A semester RM500 fee for one subject just Chinese language.

By the way, I notice that the kids mostly wearing sandals and slippers to go for the exam. The letter that come just saying to wear kindergarten uniform, so I thought needed to wear socks with shoes. So a day before I alone bring son to shop for white shoes and it cost RM25 a fair for size 2, size 13 is too small for him. I knew he will need to wear again by end of the year for orientation at school. I also bought the white socks so total about RM39.90. 

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