Thursday, May 25, 2017

Busy weekends in May

I need to go see kindergarten teacher tomorrow and that will be just me with the kids while dear is away from work. Yeah gonna be another weekend that is busy for me.

Glad to have bring my kids for the Ramadhan buffet as WL never been to the hotel that has so many horses statue before. So glad that the timing was just right that day as he no goes to field trip because his bro has got report card day. Met two teachers in the morning and one is BC another is English teacher.Suppose to meet one more as BM but he says one paper passed no need to meet her. The teachers are not in one place as I need to go the main hall to meet another teacher while teacher was standing outside the hall, parents queue to meet him and then he decided to go staff office to talk about kids education.

Last Saturday, morning send son tuition then lucky as nephew as at home and he able to fetch him back from tuition. Then afternoon we are at home while nephew and niece with sister in law they go back PD.

How about you? How you gonna spend this weekend?

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