Monday, February 1, 2010

Looking for new head light

Looking for wind deflectors for cars.

I am still looking for the car accessories for my dad's car. I need to find the new head light for my dad's car. As you can see the damage on the car, I am sad as I am the one that break it. With Internet access today I am able to find car accessories online. I know I only to find one head light as only one side of the head light is damage.

I find this site with car and truck accessories. My friend is looking for wind deflectors for his car. The wind deflectors are useful as you can block the wind and the rain from coming in. I know some repair shop does not have the spare parts that you need. You can find this site useful and click the link above to see if any of the accessories suitable for your car.

Valentine's day is coming up and some friends do not know what to buy for their girlfriend. Some of them are having cars of their own, if you know they need accessories why not surprise them.

I visited this site it is user friendly and you can find the list of brand car on the left bar. You can also see the pictures of accessories for car and truck.


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