Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Happy Me

I have got this A Happy Me from Ria. This award is from My Journey to My Life. Yeah I will share this Happiness Award with you.

So along with the award there are some rules. I have to link her blog to me and I have done that above. Next I am to list 10 things that make me happy.

  1. Doing things that I love to do which is blogging, join contest, make jewelry.
  2. A plan giveaway at My Mom's Best in Feb.
  3. The smell of coffee every morning.
  4. Get to know more friends from blogsphere.
  5. Support my family members as much as I can.
  6. Family support and encourage me in life.
  7. Being my own boss as I am full time blogger.
  8. Going for fish spa at least once a year.
  9. Having readers to come my blog by read my posts.
  10. Cherish every moment with loved one.
Now I would like to pass this to;

Feel free to leave comment so I can visit yours after you are done :)


  1. u tag my diet blog lol!

    so i gotta do this tag from there right?


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