Friday, January 15, 2010

First date he got lost!

Here comes my story on the first date!

My first date story, the boy got lost while looking for my place. Apparently he couldn't understand my directions. I am not good with directions but I am straight forward to tell how to go my place. Funny he finally reached my place but saying that it is not from my direction which I given him.

First date, he brought me to eat Dim Sum then a walk at beach. Bare in mind no hold hand as we are both stranger on first date!

Evening he took me to my first sushi meal, I mean Japanese food. It is my first time to eat sushi so can't expect I eat load of them. He ordered so much that I am embarrased as not finished all of it.

End of the day, he sent me home!


  1. walking on beach is very romantic.. i would trade that for all the world.. hmmmm you gave me an idea.. hahah..

    like u, my husband is lost with directions :D hahahah funny story by the way sherry :)

    thanks for joining Gt... are you ready for tom?? GT time once again!! seee u!

    tc always,
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  2. thank nikogirl, yeah now feb more exciting.


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