Saturday, January 23, 2010

Review: Mom's Conversations

I love blogging and doing things I love, there is a blog where you can read more on Mom's Conversations. I love to read more on the health and fitness, I believe having good health is important so we can continue to do things that we love.

This site is user friendly and easy to browse, there is room improvement for this site, as the right bar still having many spaces. I think the author can use this blog to put out space for ads to rent. There are four categories available on this blog, you can find it at the right bar. The categories are Baby, Featured, Health and Fitness, Hot Topics, and Pregnancy.

I find a post where everyone find it useful to read, it is getting rid of stretch marks, it is not necessary for woman that had babies. My friend has stretch mark on her thighs as she put on so much weight.

I am sure this post how to treat hemorrhoids useful for everyone. Healthy diet is important make sure you eat lots of vegetables and fruits. This is good info for those that need to know to how to treat hemorrhoids.

I hope author Umma, can write up more posts on Mom's Conversations. As you can see that they are not many posts at the blog.

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