Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sanitary pad or Tampon

Sanitary pad or tampon? Both are for women during menstrual period. I used tampon before but not often, I'm scare it's get stuck or missing. My friend used tampon when we join the event one day at the Sunway Lagoon. That was a year back, she didn't know it was the day until she has it. Lucky I bring extra tampon. As you know swimming pool is not suitable for using sanitary pad if you are going for a swim. 

Tampon is safe and easy to use, I showed her how to use it. 


  1. I prefer sanitary napkins unless going for travelling or yeah.. beach vacation/ theme parks.. then a tampon comes in handy. Tampons are kinda uncomfortable at times... don't you think so

  2. yeah tampon is for going swimming or others. :D me too prefer sanitary pads.


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