Wednesday, June 18, 2014

How to wash braided hairstyle?

It's been 5th days now for my braided hairstyles from Krabi Island. At the salon, it took two girls to three girls to help doing my braid hairstyles, it took about 1 hours or more. The salon girl told us that it would be an hour and half for me, Elana would be 2 hours as she has the longest hair length. I saw Kylie very happy with her braided hairstyles, hehe.. I didn't snap a pic as my phone very low battery it's almost 11% when I got back to room. I think we are fishing while having our hair braided. Fishing as we are sleepy heads, we walked back to resort 12.30 am reached.

We asked Evelyn Ang for tips on how to wash braided hairstyles, she suggest us to use an empty bottle, add in shampoo and dilute with water. She shared her experience on braided hairstyle, she had before and her braided hairstyle lasted 12 days.

I also Google to view on you tube to learn how to wash braided hairstyle.

I have second time wash my hair myself, yeah I use an empty bottle size of 100 plus drinking type big bottle. I add in the shampoo and add water to dilute than washing it properly. But first I need to wash hair with water to wash away the dirt, after putting shampoo and massage the head. I have put hair conditioner on hair before washing my hair again.

You can always Google to find out how to wash braided hairstyle. I check a you tube that we can use a bottle sprayer to do so, but I can't find one at shop near me so I used the bottle instead.

I towel dry my hair slowly, no rubbing it too hard, just pressed it. 

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