Monday, April 29, 2013

Watched Iron Man 3 in2D: Free Popcorn & Drink

My dear given me the tickets to watch Iron Man 3 in 2D in eCurve. I must thank him for the tickets, only two tickets and he gave me and son to watch together. He didn't watch with us because only two tickets in hand. We love this movie so much, I love the starting of the movie too, the song.. it's so meaningful.

One couple bring along their daugthers, I believe the children are young. They need to carry their daughter in hand inside the cinema. One of them must have got scare by the sound of movie and started crying, the parents didn't want to continue watch the movie and decided to leave the cinema. Not all children like to go movie because they are scare of dark.

We received free pop corn and drink before enter the Hall 10 for the movie. Yesterday is Sunday it is family day out for us too. He leave son and me to go watch movie then he went home to rest and then bring my sister-in-law and baby come.

We thought of going Ikea for dinner but the crowd too many we decided to walk over to eCurve again. Then we back Ikea again to shop for some plastic bags for mom-in-law. The bags for keeping vegetables and fruits in fridge.


  1. How did you guys get free popcorn and drink?? :D

  2. hi Nicole, it free drinks and pop corns comes with the tickets :D

    I mean there are two tickets of these freebie attached to movie tickets :D


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