Saturday, April 27, 2013

Toddler played with switches in bedroom

My youngest son so active today, he played in Sunway Pyramid's playground but it is not enough for him. He's so active that, he couldn't stop running around in the playground. I have my eyes on him but sad to say I am alone to watch him at playground. He slipped and fell down while coming down of the playground's slide. He didn't cry at all, he uses both hands to balance himself when fall to prevent hitting his head.

This June he will be two year old, at night he played with switched in the room. We need to eyes on him, he will turn it on or off. No kidding, he knows to turn on the lighting in bedroom too. I am tired, hopefully tonight I get good night sleep as tomorrow movie date with son. :D

I still need to go DIY shop to purchase some items, toddler so active he knows to pull out the bottom of fridge compartment. He know's where the ice is placed. He's so cheeky!

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