Sunday, April 14, 2013

Daddy wants to move out and stay

Yesterday went to visit my family side and found out that my dad's wants to move out of my bro's place. I don't agree on this, because dad's getting old not getting any younger. I know he thinks he wants to give my bro family privacy but if he moves out alone, there are things that we need to think of like his safety and health. He told us that he's sometimes forgetful, and I know he's clumsy. Who's going to help dad if something happen to him?!

Dad told bro's wife that he could ask help from neighbour. Sorry to say that even my neighbour is not helpful?! Do you think the neighbour his place going to help him? Nobody knows what type of neighbour he has got. He told me that his decided to move out after two more years.

Perhaps dad wants to get attention? He knows that mom is living in nursing home and only comes home stay sometimes. Perhaps he's jealous that we only ask more of mom then him. Well I am not going to choose between him and mom, I love both of them.

I hope dad will consider again about moving out. Bro's wife even saying that perhaps he's the one that wants privacy!

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