Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Review: Ghost Child 2013

Ghost Child is Singapore horror directed by Gilbert Chan, starring Carrnen Soo, Jaylee Woo. This is the scary movie I watched last night at GSC One Utama.

Ghost Child also known as toyol. Carmen Soo acted as Indonesian-Chinese named Na, she was married to a bad tempered man and she has miscarriage, her husband then took the dead fetus to the bomoh to make the dead fetus to toyol. Her husband then feed the toyol food making the toyol to steal money for him. Na runs away from some bad guys because they wanted the toyol. Na knows toyol is bad but it's her dead fetus, she wants it for herself.

Toyol consumes their owners' blood, it will not touch something as disgusting as a sanitary pad. Toyol will complain about its owner to its spiritual master if it feels the owner hasn't cared for him well.

Choon a widower from Singapore has come in time to rescue her from the bad guys. He didn't know she has toyol with her. Choon has a mother and a daughter, his wife passed away due to cancer. His daughter missed her mom very much, she thought her mom's is back and she Google to find out how to contact with Ghost. Her classmates always teased on her, find out how one of them gets injured by toyol. They have ghost stories to share in the movie.

I am sure you like to know the rest of movie, how Choon's daughter and mother going to face toyol. What happened to Na? She's pregnant with Choon's child.

My dear watched the movie with me last night, I could tell you he's not fan of horror or ghost movie. This is worst movie he's seen because he's scared most in this movie! He holds my hand and I seen him closed his eyes during the exciting moments. The sounds in this movie would also scared you!

You can also find the movie info in Facebook search for Ghost Child The Movie.

Let me know if you dare to watch this movie? I am looking for friend who has same interest with me to watch horror movie with me.


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