Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Share & Grab Contest

Sad to say I didn't win this contest... They have 100 selected people to take part but only 20 of the prize to give away.

Congratulation! You are one of the lucky member for Share & GRAB Contest "I Want to GRAB Captain America Headphone"! Here are the Verification Code and Step How to GRAB! Verification Code : F3R9-G4A3-Q4A2 Step How to GRAB Step 1 Login to https://www.grabnocost.com/ before campaign start (9pm), Step 2 Click into the Campaign - CAPTAIN AMERICA PREMIUM ITEM - HEADPHONE, Step 3 Key in Verification Code (VC) & answer 3 simple questions, Step 4 If you successful GRAB the voucher, please email to us! Tips : Please prepare yourself before 9pm tonight. Good Luck!

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