Saturday, May 17, 2014

Teased by friend

It's strange feeling after all, my blogger friend attended the same event I attended today. Somehow we both won lucky draw prizes but she's not happy of her prizes. She likes my lucky draw prize that I won. It's depend on luck to win lucky draw.

Before the second lucky draw, she's been teasing me not to win anymore big prize. Then after that I won a prize which indeed is big but not the biggest. She's not happy of it. Anyway the moment I win the second prize, I'm excited happy and I laugh, my friend kept looking at me. Oh yeah, she's the one keep teasing that I better not win anymore big doll, so I get big doll house instead of doll.

Anyway both of us won lucky draw prizes for both rounds. She seems not happy of it. Her prizes perhaps smaller than mine but how about other blogger that no win at all?

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