Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Waze app not sound?!

It's my first time using Waze and I get lost haha.. no kidding, I want to go Uptown 1, Damansara Jaya but ends up at K.L. The Waze app has no sound, then I was lost... in KL. Woo... scary no choice then I look at signboard. I went Petaling Jaya, paying toll RM1.50 I asked the guy. He says I went wrong way..

Okay I maybe try again tomorrow, I have collection prize from magazine I won by this Friday.

I asked dear and my friends about the Waze and I go my Samsung phone setting to open all sound loudly.

Anyway I went wrong way coming back is going to KWSP there, so I check where my mom's nursing home is nearby there. I went to pack white chicken rice and white coffee drink for her from Chicken Rice 1977, RM11. We have a good chat between mother and daughter. :D


  1. I also often use Waze and lost hahaha

  2. yeah same here, I ended up rounding the area..lol


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