Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Checkout shoes for fun

Being mommy of two boys, I love to hunt for shoes for my loved ones and myself. I check out on the FOS warehouse sales today for shoes. I eyes on the shoes I tried but I didn't make any purchase though it cost RM15. In my mind, I have other shoes awaiting me to wear I don't need new pair of shoes.

They are many things selling in the warehouse sales, I don't purchase everything because not everything I need. I just browse and window shopping, I do a final check on my purchase too. Most of haul RM3 and RM5, the most expensive RM15 a piece.

It is only the first day I am sure they will filled the baskets with more clothes when it's empty. I saw many men clothing, which I don't dare to purchase any as my man must try to know if it fits me.

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