Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Looking for toddler necklace

It's been two days my sis in law looking for my toddler's necklace. One day he removed necklace and fell inside drain hole of restroom where we usually poo. :(

Then we remove it and sis in law did some prayers etc, let him use again. So next two days it goes missing again. No sure where toddler puts it but she's very mad at him. Anyway it's a necklace from bro in law, he went prayer to get it and said it's a costly necklace.

I would prefer toddler to use the red triangle type of prayer to wear, that is less expensive and easy to wear. For now, the necklace missing in the house, so let's see when it'll show up. We look high and low no sign of it. 

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