Saturday, April 5, 2014

Lunch at Dave Deli

Yesterday, my lunch at Dave Deli after the Guardian "My Date with Beauty", the media lunch is yummy! I chosen the roasted chicken and ice lemon tea. There's soup with garlic bread which I didn't snap a photo. If you like to check my haul, click on the link.

I parked at basement 1 in new wing at One Utama Shopping Mall, you know I still unsure where I am parking. I need time to explore where to park at the mall. The parking basement 1 lead me to Carings shop and some ATM machines. When I walked up the mall, it is near the Gardens One Utama.

On way back before I reach the basement parking I spotted the Rotiboy shop, yeah I bought some for my boys to eat. They love Rotiboy especially my eldest son. 

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